Send to all our customers on 06-20-2018: Important SiteonMobi will end its activities

Dear Customer,

For years we were able to fulfill the need for an easy mobile site builder.
With the arrival and wide acceptance of responsive websites and templates the demand for our product has declined to a level we can no longer support it.
We are therefore sorry to inform you we decided to stop all SiteOnMobi activities.

What does this means for you as a customer/reseller?
If for whatever reason you are not able to upgrade your website to a responsive design you can contact our colleagues at GoMobi who will gladly assist you with the transfer of your current mobile website to their company.
Please contact GoMobi for more information through: Contact Gomobi

What happens with the current running accounts?
Our system will stop generating invoices at 1 September 2019.
If you are being invoiced monthly this means you need to take immediate action as your account will end 1 September 2019.
If you are being invoiced yearly this means your current running contract will not be renewed and will end at the latest on 1 September 2020 depending on your contract.
We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your trust in our company.

Please send any questions you may have about this email to
The Site On Mobi team.

Link to the clientpanel login: