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Most asked questions:


Is it really just 5.95 a month? What else do i need to pay?


Nothing ! We guarantee a low price of just $ 5.95 a month /$ 71.40 a year.


What are the contract terms? How do I cancel?


All subscriptions are for a full year. You can cancel just as easy as you order.
Manage your subscription 24/7 in your client-area as explained at this page.

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You don't have a domain name yet? We'll get you one for free. You can pick
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What do I get for $ 5.95 a month? (local tax excluded)

* You use your own domain name
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* Free switcher code for mobile traffic
* Free mobile CMS and updates
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Order for 2 or 3 years and get more discount!


So what is the price exactly?

* No hidden and no startup fees
* Invoice is for one year
* $ 5.95 a month = $ 71.40 a year

Additional local taxes may apply. Make sure you fill-out
your country and state and recalculate your order.