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#survey in the UK on mobile email statistics and use

Mobile email popularity

  • A comScore survey in the UK found 67% of smartphone users accessed email through their mobile device in June 2011.
  • An April 2011 study sponsored by Google showed that 82% of smartphone users check and send email with their device.
  • A May 2011 iPass survey discovered that over half of "mobile workers" check their email on waking or immediately after getting dressed.
  • A Return Path report measured mobile's share of all opened email at 16% in March 2011, a rise of 81% from October 2010.
  • A May 2011 report by Campaign Monitor (based on email received by over 3 billion users) saw mobile email clients at just under 20% of the total. In terms of actual devices, the iPhone leads the way, accounting for 72% of mobile opens, followed by the iPad at 15%.
  • Knotice tracked email opens across over 150 million emails in Q4, 2010. Mobile devices accounted for 13.36% of opens. The most popular device for reading mobile emails was the iPhone (8.74% of all opens) followed by the iPad (2%) and Android devices (1.92%).
  • In an August 2010 joint study conducted by Litmus and eROI, the average percentage of opens accounted for by mobile devices across the lists of 20 big-brand ecommerce, retail and publishing marketers was 12%. Again, the iPhone was the dominant mobile device, accounting for 9% of all opens.

Stats based on opens will, by definition, overestimate the popularity of software (like that used by the iPhone) that always displays the tracking image required to register an open. Some software blocks such images from displaying unless explicitly told to do so by the user.

However, open stats also underestimate total mobile email use, since not everyone uses the same device each time they open an email. This article explores the true reach of mobile email based on smartphone ownership and user behavior.

  • According to Nov 2010 comScore data for US consumers, some 70 million mobile users accessed email through a mobile device, with 43.5 million doing so on a near-daily basis.
  • The same company's Mobile Year in Review 2010 report revealed that personal email was the biggest content consumption category for mobile users, with more users checking personal email on a smartphone than participating even in social networks. The proportion of all mobile users using their phones for email was 30.5% in the USA, 57.1% in Japan and 22.2% in the big 5 EU countries.
  • Nielsen research on what mobile users do online showed email to be the most popular activity, accounting for 38.5% of mobile internet time. The next most popular activity was social networking (10.7%).
  • Merkle's "View from the Digital Inbox 2011" survey found over half of those with an Internet-enabled mobile phone used it to check a personal email account.