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The Importance of Developing a Mobile Presence for Your Health Club

About a year ago, when I was going to work out at the gym on a Saturday morning with my 6-month-old son, I experienced a technology blunder that reminded me that a club?s mobile presence is more important than ever.

I was going to one of my clubs in a different part of town, and as I pulled into the parking lot of the facility, I realized that I was unsure if the child care program would be open. Because I didn?t want to take my son out of the car without knowing the situation, I stayed in the car and reached for my cell phone.

This is where I am suppose to be able to say that technology was my friend and my gym had an easy-to-navigate mobile site. But that Saturday morning, my club did not save me. The non-mobile friendly site with impossible-to-navigate, hover-over drop-down menus could not answer my question because I could not click on the right option with my fat thumbs and even if I could have, the script was much too small to read.

This experience emphasizes how important it is for your club whether you have one location or many to have a mobile presence. As a part of the service industry, we have a job to make members happy. In this day and age, that means offering information that is accessible in a mobile format.

Time to get you Site On Mobi !