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What is Click-to-call?

With Click-to-call you can include a click-to-call phone number in your mobile ad so users can call your business direct. Your phone number appears as an extra line in the ad.

Why you'd use it

  • Ads that include a clickable phone number have experienced a 6-8% average increase in clickthrough rates.
  • A click to call costs the same as a click to your website but customers who call are often more qualified leads.
  • Your phone number appears as an additional line of text at no extra cost.
  • See the number of calls received for each keyword, ad group and campaign.


  • There are different types of Click-to-call you can include in your campaign. Call-only lets you receive just calls, no clicks to your website. Vanity Number lets you display an easy-to-remember phone number.
  • Click-to-call appears on and on the Google Display Network.