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Take a Peek at our #goMobi 1.7 Release Control Panel enhancements

We have made a series of enhancements to the overall look and feel of the Control Panel that we hope you will like, why not check them out ...

Release date for version 1.7 is September 17th !

Control Panel enhancements

We have expanded the overall width of the Control Panel which allowed us room to add additional features and options that we hope you will find useful. A 'view site' option has been included in the header which will open the mobile site in a new browser window and the language options are now contained in a drop down list [with the addition of British English]. We added a new Tools tab between the Features and Analytics tabs which contain marketing features and functions to help promote and drive traffic to the site. We also added some additional design features such as 'Site footer' and an 'Advanced' feature where you can apply background images to your site.

Last but not least, we made improvements to the help page and added 'how to' video content to help explain some of the feature functionality.

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