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goMobi goes to version 1.7

goMobi 1.7 is now live.

Among the major changes in this release are a revised, improved Control Panel UX (User Experience) and a new Tools tab to more easily find marketing and promotional tools. Plus, goMobi 1.7 includes a set of new templates for more design flexibility. dotMobi has also added functionality to several site features:

  • You can now add a Redeem Coupon button to your coupon promotions and set how may coupons you want to offer, and the frequency with which they are offered.
  • You can now take custom product orders via a text field; for example, accepting custom T-Shirts slogans or engravings.
  • The Forms feature now has the ability to insert date, phone number and email fields as well as support for HTML forms on smartphones.

Learn about these improvements — and many more — at the goMobi website

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