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SiteOnMobi 1.7.1 New enhancements Mobile website #gomobi

Please download the PDF document outlining some enhancements and additions we made recently to some functionality in the goMobi Control Panel.

  • Optional feature names – Site owners can now add features/icons without names
  • Opening hours
    • 24 hour support for Opening Hours
    • Support for Opening hours that go into the next day
  • Site Seo feature enhancements
    • Ability to add Google site verification code to the mobile site
    • Ability to add Google + Id code [The benefit is that the business' Google+ profile appears beside Google search results that contain the mobile site.]
  • Logo feature improvements
    • Displaying the uploaded logo in the feature panel
    • Automatically creating a web-app bookmark icon from the logo [a custom one can also be uploaded]
    • Option for business owners to prompt site visitors on IPhone devices to add a bookmark web-app icon to their device screen
  • Background image enhancements
    • Automatic resizing of the background images added
  • New languages
    • Italian
    • Russian

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