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Dutch celebrity chef Herman Den Blijker uses mobile website for restaurant marketing

This week on ‘Herman goes far’ the celebrity chef turns around failing restaurant the Golden Harp in Mahmutlar Turkey.

A complete new concept: Restaurant Nomad.

The city of Mahmutlar has a lot of hotels and tourists. It's important for a restaurant to tap in to the mobile market. Now a day everybody is on his or her cellphone or tablet. It is totally indisputable that people are engaging with restaurants on the mobile web, it is a must for restaurants that want to survive!

Herman’s most recent TV show “Herman Goes Far” involved Herman traveling around Europe helping struggling restaurants to turn around their fortunes. Part of his strategy was to give the struggling restaurants a mobile web presence. Chef Herman says, “A restaurant nowadays can only survive with the mobile Internet. Your guest wants to see if you're open. What’s on the menu or make reservations.”

The small businesses Herman is helping do not have huge budgets to spend, so, the solution has to be very easy to implement while still meeting the requirements. As well as being easy to use and having all the features customers need, the underlying technology and infrastructure needs to be excellent, and handle all the traffic without crashing.

See for yourself:

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The full story

The famous Dutch chef Herman den Blijker, who helps restaurants that are in trouble, came to Mahmutlar to give Golden Harp restaurant a makeover. In four days, they changed the menu, the appearance and the name of the place.

Den Blijker has a popular television show in Holland, called Herrie in de Keuken, meaning “Noise in the kitchen”. This program shows how Den Blijker makes restaurants that are heading towards bankruptcy, successful again. The chef looks around, tastes the food and tells the owners what has to be changed.

For a new series of his television show, Den Blijker now went to foreign countries to help Dutch restaurant owners. That is how he came to Mahmutlar. Golden Harp owners Carla and Mehmet Atay were having trouble getting new customers and hold on to regular customers. Carla’s sister send an email to Herman den Blijker, asking for his help.

“When I came to the Golden Harp, I saw a dark, mishmash place without a coherent style”, Den Blijker says. “It is 38 degrees here. Customers don’t like to sit in a dark place. Also the owners and waiters were in a depressed mood, they were no longer smiling. That needed to be changed.”

Less than in four days, chef Herman den Blijker and his team changed not only the menu and the total appearance of the restaurant, they also changed the name. The Golden Harp now called Nomad. Instead of a large menu with all different kinds of international dishes, they serve only a limited number of Turkish specialties.

Den Blijker: “I saw in Mahmutlar that many restaurants offer many different kinds of food. Mexican, Chinese, Italian… all in one menu. That’s terrible. I wanted to make the Golden Harp one style. A light place where you can sit nice and eat good, local food. And I hope that the owners will feel again motivated.”

Carla and Mehmet Atay say they are very happy with the result. “It looks great. Like a design restaurant with a touch of 1001 nights.”