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Monthly Archives: January 2013

WYSIWYG Editor Enhancements

We have made several enhancements to the WYSIWYG to improve the look and layout of content that is inserted into a page via the WYSIWYG editor. Options include changing the font type, color and size and also configuring the alignment of text and/or objects inserted into a page via the editor. Create your mobile website…
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Site façade enhancement

We currently add a grey background to the body of all of the inner site pages regardless of what template or color scheme is selected. In order to provide differentiation the body background color and the text color of the inner pages of the site will match the template that is applied to the site.…
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Additional Ad Platforms and Ad placement options

Additional Ad Platforms providers have been added to the Control Panel, helping site owners increase revenue by placing more mobile ad’s on their site. In addition to Google AdSense, users can also add ads from Mojiva, Smaato and Adfonic Ad platform providers by inserting the relevant ad platform ID. We have added an ‘Additional Options’…
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