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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Google Adwords tracking in mobile websites SiteOnMobi

You can now track traffic and conversions from your Google Adword campaigns to your mobile site. Via the ‘Advanced Options’ area of each feature you can insert your Google Adwords Conversion ID and Label and we will insert the tracking code into the source of that feature/page enabling you to track visitors. For features with…
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Google+ Feature in SiteOnMobi Mobile websites

In additon to Twitter and Facebook site owners can now also provide access to their site vistors to their Google + page content from within their branded mobile site. All site owners need to do to add their Google + page is enter the URL or ID into the field provided and we will automatically…
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New Site Navigation Menu Bar

To enable easier navigation through the mobile site we have add a new Site Navigation Menu Bar’ option to the site. It is only supported on Smartphone, tablet and desktop devices; on all other devices it will not be displayed. It will be applied to all new goMobi sites created from the date of the…
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Additional Advanced Color Options of the Site Color feature

Additional color options have been added to the ‘Site Color’ feature to enable further customization of the site colors. You now also have the option to customize the color of the new Site Navigation Menu bar [if it is applied to the site]. In addition to that you can also customize the background of the…
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