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New Site Navigation Menu Bar

To enable easier navigation through the mobile site we have add a new Site Navigation Menu Bar’ option to the site. It is only supported on Smartphone, tablet and desktop devices; on all other devices it will not be displayed. It will be applied to all new goMobi sites created from the date of the release.

The ’Site Navigation Menu Bar’ will be created from a predefined list of features if they have been activated on the site. All other features will be contained within drop down menus. If any of the predefined menu features are not activated on the site then the corresponding icon will not appear on the navigation menu baR.


Navigation Menu features and drop down feature containers are.

  • Home - link to ‘Home’ page

  • Find Us - link to the ‘Find Us’ feature

  • Mail - display a drop down menu of ‘Keep Me Informed’ and/or ‘Leave a message’ features

  • Call Us - will contain all ‘Click-to-Call’ features and/or ‘Call Me Back’ feature

  • More- will display a drop down list of all of the other feature that have been added to the site


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