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How to Configure goMobi with WordPress #goMobi mobile website tutorial

In this tutorial we're going to show you how to configure goMobi to work with your WordPress site. Many website owners are using WordPress for their sites, and now you can have a Mobile web site for your WordPress-based site.

If you don’t have goMobi service yet, you can order a free trial on-line at . The trial comes with all options and a fully functioning WP plugin.

Check out this video on some of the different things you can do with a goMobi mobile website powered by SiteOnMobi.

Step By Step Configuration Instructions - tutorial

Log in to your goMobi account through the control panel you can find at

Creating your mobile site can be relatively simple, or you can take full advantage of everything goMobi offers and spend some time setting up your mobile site.

After you’ve created your mobile website, you’ll need to create the redirection code that you will install on your WordPress application. This is necessary to properly route mobile traffic to your new mobile site.

In the goMobi window click on the Tools tab at the top.


Now expand the Redirection Code Generator section.

Place a check mark next to Redirect tablet computers if you want to redirect tablet computers too.

Select WordPress from the drop down menu and click Generate.


Clicking on the Generate button will create a file that you will need to download locally onto your computer.

Now extract the .zip file onto your computer and connect to your site via FTP. We are going to upload the file into your WordPress site files directory.

If you don’t have an FTP client, we suggest FileZilla.

When connected via FTP double click on the wp-content directory folder. Now go in to your plugins folder by double clicking on that too.

You want to upload the exacted mredirect folder containing the mredirect.php file to the plugins directory:


Now simply log in to your WordPress site as the Admin and activate the plug-in.


Once you have activated the plug-in, any mobile traffic to your WordPress application will be redirected to your mobile web site.

Resellers Wanted

If you run an existing business that sells on-line products and internet services you can easily add SiteOnMobi mobile website builder to the list of services you offer.