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Google is shutting down its Checkout product Google Wallet #googlewallet

This is to advise you that as of October 2nd Google Checkout/Wallet will no longer be a payment option available in the SiteOnMobi mobile website builder. This is due to Google shutting down its Checkout product on November 20th, 2013. Google has notified all of their customers that have a Google Wallet about their plans to retire the service.

How does this impact Mobile Website owners?

Anyone using Google Checkout/Wallet on their mobile site will have access to those Google Wallet settings in their Mobile website builder Control Panel in order to change them to PayPal or remove them at the appropriate time. For all other existing sites or new sites created the Google Wallet option will not be visible.

We are currently evaluating other payment solutions to add to the SiteOnMobi Mobile website builder in addition to PayPal.