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SiteOnMobi 1.9.3 release will be deployed November 5th #gomobi

The SiteOnMobi 1.9.3 release will be deployed in our live environment on Thursday  November 5th. Some new functionality and enhancements in this release will include:


  • ‘Site Settings’ Area
  • Desktop Site URL and option to automatically pull information from a desktop site
  • Option to enable transcoding of desktop site pages on a per link basis
  • Multi Device Preview
  • Country names added to Language drop down list
  • Joomla redirection plugin


  • ‘Full Website’ feature enhancements
  • Site footer – Option to remove ‘Switch to desktop site’ link
  • Description feature – widgets added to WYSIWYG Editor
  • Business Sectors – add custom option
  • Desktop/Mobile redirection options

Release documentation, release notes and relevant FAQ’s will be provided as soon as we go live with the new release.