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How NOT to use QR codes – example of poor QR code use

The QR codes ask a lot of prospective users. You need to possess a smart phone, have a QR reader app and be motivated enough to use your mobile phone right away.

So advertising your QR code on a highway billboards is not the way to go. On of the mistakes we often see is the "we need a QR code" on our product without really thinking it trough. So you shop for a bag of lettuce at you local store. By the time you're home you see the following QR code:


Get Delicious Recipes & More !  Sounds great from the Fresh Express right?

Grab your cellphone and scan to end up with.... the normal PC website.


This raises the question: Did the person who is in charge of marketing and this QR code on the bag even bothered to scan the code? QR codes are scanned by mobile phones, so at least try to make your landing pages mobile phone friendly.

3 QR Code Must-Dos

  1. Unlock information, not a destination ( Delicious Recipes & More )
  2. Lead the user to information that’s relevant immediately  ( the lettuce )
  3. Perfect mobile formatting of the information delivered

An example to unlocked information that was contextually important to your guests at the time they encountered the code is the following example:



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