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Phone Telemarketing Scripts – selling mobile websites

phone-script-gomobi-300x225Call potential clients and offer them a free trial is a good way to start your sales process. So many business owners like restaurants, plumbers, hotels, handymen, stores and all other companies you can think of. Use local Yellow-pages, Newspaper, Magazines, Coupon booklets etc. Use the free trial, follow up and convert leads in to sales.


Telemarketing Scripts

The number 1 answer to all kind of technical questions and “can I do this” and “do you offer an option for that” is:  “Please take the free trial and see if it fits your needs!” We can tell you we have a very easy to use, award winning mobile website builder system, but please try it for free!

Contact New Businesses with these Phone Scripts

We have created 4 phone scripts that will help your Sales team in contacting prospects.

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