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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Feature List – Icon set

We have standardized the icons used to visually represent each feature in the Features area. These icons will remain unchanged regardless of which icon set is applied to the mobile site. Icon sets applied to the site will be reflected on the mobile site, in the site preview and in the ‘Change Icon’ area ‘Options’…
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SiteOnMobi 1.9.7 Release new features and enhancements mobile website #goMobi

New 1.9.7 Release Please download the PDF document outlining some enhancements and additions we made recently to some functionality in the SiteOnMobi Control Panel.   We listen to your Feedback ! Submit ideas, thoughts, and feature requests for SiteOnMobi mobile websites. Let’s goMobi ! You help decide what will be on the roadmap for…
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SiteOnMobi 1.9.7 release will be deployed May 20th #gomobi

The SiteOnMobi 1.9.7 release will be deployed in our live environment on May 20th. Some new functionality and enhancements in this release will include: New Precrawler Menu Feature – new currencies added Enhancements Templates Icon Sets Layouts Logo / Image Background Color Reset Site 17 Bug fixes Release documentation, release notes and relevant FAQ’s will…
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Icon Sets feature

You can now apply/remove icons to your site regardless of the Template or body configurations previously applied. To add or remove an icon sets feature, simply enable/ disable the ‘Show Icons’ checkbox under the Icon sets displayed. For templates or layouts that have an ‘icon grid’ layout applied the option to remove icons will be…
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Layout feature

You can customize the home page of your site regardless of which template has been applied. In the ‘Layout’ feature you can mix and match different head and body layouts and add/remove the menu navigation bar applied to the site. Settings applied to the site are highlighted in red. Discover the mobile website layout feature.…
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