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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Mobile Search, Redirection & Google

Last month has seen a push from Google to highlight the importance of mobile optimized web pages. There has been some serious talk about what this might mean for search rankings and what can be done to maintain rankings in search results. We have known for a long time that Google was taking mobile search…
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SiteOnMobi 1.9.8 Release new features and enhancements mobile website #goMobi

New SiteOnMobi 1.9.8 Release Please download the PDF document outlining some enhancements and additions we made recently to some functionality in the SiteOnMobi Control Panel.   We listen to your Feedback ! Submit ideas, thoughts, and feature requests for SiteOnMobi mobile websites. Let’s goMobi ! You help decide what will be on the roadmap…
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SiteOnMobi 1.9.8 release will be deployed August 6th #gomobi

The SiteOnMobi 1.9.8 release will be deployed in our live environment on August 6th. Some new functionality and enhancements in this release will include: New Image Library Site template generated for sites created from desktop sites New ‘Site Reset’ option Enhancements Adding alt tags, links, background color to images via WYSIWYG editor Traffic tab repositioned…
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