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Monthly Archives: October 2014

SiteOnMobi 1.9.9 Release new features and enhancements mobile website #goMobi

SiteOnMobi 1.9.9 release - Check out our new features and enhancements Please download the PDF document outlining some enhancements and additions we made recently to some functionality in the SiteOnMobi Control Panel.   We listen to your Feedback ! Submit ideas, thoughts, and feature requests for SiteOnMobi mobile websites. Let’s goMobi ! You help…
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SiteOnMobi 1.9.9 release will be deployed October 28th #gomobi

The SiteOnMobi 1.9.9 release will be deployed in our live environment on October 28th. Some new functionality and enhancements in this release will include: New New Tablet/Large Screen View New Main Image Carousel feature Template features enhancements Enhancements Multi Device Preview enhancements Release documentation, release notes and relevant FAQ’s will be provided as soon as…
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