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SiteOnMobi uses every possible technique for SEO

SiteOnMobi includes many features that even professionally designed sites lack. We’ll list a few of these here, but you should certainly explore the Web Manager for yourself! We offer you every possible technique for SEO!

SiteOnMobi uses every possible technique for SEO:

  • robots.txt automatically created
  • Officially supported canonical tag ensures Google links mobile & desktop
  • Configurable keyword and description tags utilized
  • Per-page editing of keywords is supported
  • Google+ page linked in publisher tag to boost rank
  • Excellent quality semantic HTML5 ensures crawlers understand content
  • used to mark up content
  • Very fast-loading pages ensure optimum ranking
  • Full support for Google Webmaster Tools
    • Add site, verify ownership
    • Submit sitemap, retrieve Google-suggested keywords
  • Full support for Google Sitemap Optimization

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