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Monthly Archives: March 2015

The Mobile Apocalypse Is Coming

Google's latest update will impact search rankings worldwide. Are you ready for the mobile apocalypse? 21 April 2015   THE MOBILE APOCALYPSE IS COMING From April 21, 2015 Google will actively improve rankings of mobile-friendly sites. If your site's not mobile ready, your traffic is at risk. We'll give you the tools to help your…
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A Look at SiteOnMobi’s In-Depth SEO Features – Part 1

SiteOnMobi uses every possible technique for SEO. SiteOnMobi’s SEO foundation is based on best practices and is updated regularly. Whether or not a site is on SiteOnMobi, these are the features and processes that should be implemented to produce best results on search engines. The more SEO boxes that you tick as you create and develop…
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Free Mobile Web Design Templates

Clients can now have the website of their dreams, which will work on any device, without the huge costs of engaging web designers and developers. Those who once thought that a professional presence online was not affordable, now have the opportunity to engage a global audience and show that they are not only good at…
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