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Clients can now have the website of their dreams, which will work on any device, without the huge costs of engaging web designers and developers. Those who once thought that a professional presence online was not affordable, now have the opportunity to engage a global audience and show that they are not only good at what they do, but great at how they sell it.

Web Design Templates are sometimes rigid, making customization tricky. It’s not just the look and feel which makes a site inviting and useful; it’s the tools that it provides the user. Look up a restaurant, and you’ll be surprised if you don’t find menus, a map, and reservation services. Look up a doctor’s surgery, and there should be an appointment booking service to streamline your experience. We no longer have to make enquiry phone calls – we just search, read and make a booking.

When building a new site for a business, strategy is essential: everything from SEO to social media (read more here about goMobi’s surprising SEO features). Sites exist to accomplish a goal – converting visitors to customers. Customers don’t really care if a site is custom built from scratch.

HubSpot research highlights what is most important for website visitors – 76% of respondents prefer a website to ‘make it easy for them to find out what they want’ above all else. In short, the more simple, readable, and usable a website is, the longer they will stay, and more likely come back later.

Clients should allocate the majority of their budget to a quality content strategy, not custom web design. The easiest way to do that is to use a predesigned theme where functionality and design have already been tested and perfected by professionals, leaving more time to focus on quality content.

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