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A Look at SiteOnMobi’s In-Depth SEO Features – Part 2

SiteOnMobi uses every possible technique for SEO. SiteOnMobi’s SEO foundation is based on best practices and is updated regularly. Whether or not a site is on SiteOnMobi, these are the features and processes that should be implemented to produce best results on search engines. The more SEO boxes that you tick as you create and develop your site, the higher you will rank and the more visitors you will attract.

  • Per-page editing of keywords is supported

Standard keywords may not always be suitable, and as your site grows SiteOnMobi allows you to add separate keywords for each new page. This helps Google understand what each page is for, boosting your SEO score and search engine ranking.


  • SiteOnMobi links Google+ pages in the publisher tag to boost rank

SiteOnMobi automatically adds a Rel=Publisher Tag to your site which allows important elements of your brand’s Google+ page to be displayed next to the search snippet on search engine results pages. This has a role to play in click-through rates as a lot more information is revealed to search users. Most big brands have adopted this tag, and it is best practice that your business does so too.


  • Excellent quality semantic HTML5 ensures crawlers understand content

Google’s crawlers are getting smarter and don’t just search for keywords. They also look for context in the content on your site. The best way to do this is to implement quality semantic HTML5.

Many of these features can be tricky or time-consuming to implement correctly, which means businesses sometimes neglect best SEO practices.

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