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SiteOnMobi Mobile Web Manager

SiteOnMobi helps create great web presences for any screen, without wasting valuable time. The goal is to help clients focus on website creation, not coding. SiteOnMobi comes with a powerful but easy to use CMS tool, the mobile web manager or configuration assistant, that enables clients to create great websites quickly and easily.


Why are SiteOnMobi Web Design Templates in the mobile web manager awesome?

  • The functionality is fantastic.
  • They are responsive – they work on ALL screens, from desktop to legacy feature phone and everything in between.
  • They are already coded and include serious SEO features.
  • They provide support and updates.
  • They are very inexpensive.
  • They include tools tailored for businesses – including menus, maps, booking forms and many more.
  • The CMS is simple and straightforward to use. No learning required.


Create your mobile website quickly and easily! Mobile-friendly features make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for and convert leads into sales.

It works on all phones, including smart-phones and other connected devices like
tablets. It even looks good on desktops! Testdrive 30 days for FREE.