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Siteonmobi – Tablet/Large Screen Layout and Redesign

The Siteonmobi Team is very excited to offer a new Tablet/Large screen layout. This new view will provide an enhanced, richer experience when Siteonmobi sites are accessed from tablets and large screen devices. This new view will become the default view for all newly created sites once it goes live over the upcoming weeks. But you don't need to worry about all the other options and layouts as they will still be available to choose from.


This is important news for all Siteonmobi users and readers. We are really excited about bringing the new design and features to you. Here you go through at the new Tablet/Large Screen layout.

redesign New-Layout-Composition

New Layout Composition

We know, you are thinking about the new layout. The new layout is created with a cover image followed by advanced features and a beautiful footer. You can upload your company logo, and items to the Hamburger Menu easily. Besides this you can add a beautiful panoramic "Cover Image" to show off what your brand is all about.



Next are Features/Sections. The Features and Sections parts of the page have been redesigned in order to make more functional as well as to provide pleasing and charming look. Most of Siteonmobi features are available for use right away – of which there are more than 30.


The Siteonmobi Team have also re-designed all pages and features that appear in all layouts for the Tablet/Large Screen. To all sites new layouts will be applied, so all customers can see these changes. Check out the new footer applied to every page of your site. It is clean, beautiful and functional.


Some Other Changes

We have made some neat new changes to content, so now customers can see content more clearly.

WhatsApp and SMS Options: We have added SMS & WhatsApp sharing options to share function and also to tell a feature with your beloved ones.

Customization Feature

Transcoding: In these new layouts we have added the ability to ignore elements when transcoding sites. In other words you can remove or exclude elements from desktop pages when using the SiteOnMobi transcoder.

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