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Portrait of a Mobile Consumer

Data. That all-encompassing word that covers a topic many of us barely understand, let alone appreciate. We just know it’s there – helping us to upload files to the Internet, access social media on our mobiles, and play our favorite shoot ‘em ups on the console of your choice (with friends hundreds and even thousands of miles away).

While we’re not going to bore you with the specifics of what data is and how it works, needless to say, the vast amount of data now available is staggering. With seven billion people covering the Earth, the need for data has never been greater.

By 2018 for instance, there are expected to be 8.2bn mobile handsets in use – ploughing through an average of 2.7GB of data each month. That’s five times more than 2013 figures. And this will only continue to rise.

Outside of the mobile world, you’ll find data in all ecommerce settings. From QR codes to contactless payments, a combination of rapidly advancing technology and the need for speed is creating levels of data that 10 years ago, would have been unprecedented.

As our lifestyles change, data needs increase accordingly. For a better idea of how much data is consumed around the world, take a look at the following infographic.

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Maureen Sanford has been toying with graphics for 2 years now. She's tried various visual designs but finds infographics most enjoyable with its minimalist yet informative approach to its audience. She believe it is must-have for every blogger and designer out there!