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It is important to add your Facebook page to your mobile website. Half of all Facebook traffic is mobile!

Find us on Facebook Facebook is one of the many options of your mobile website. Check out the demo or sign up for a free trial. Testdrive 30 days for FREE.    
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Facebook Mobile Hits 543 Million Users #infographic

The Facebook Mobile App had about 488 milion users in May. Now just 4 months later the power of mobile helps Facebook to 543 milion active users. Like all online businesses, the marketing industry is being radically changed by the creeping ubiquity of mobile devices. This shift to the smaller screen will inevitably have profound…
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Half of all Facebook traffic is mobile

Check this out on MobileMarketer. This surely strengthens the argument for a mobile first web development strategy. If over half of Facebook users are accessing the web via a mobile device, businesses cannot afford not to have a mobile optimised website. Our goal at SiteOnMobi is to make it easy and fast to do so.
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