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Why Website Speed Matters on Mobile

In this era of 3 and 4G, free WiFi hotspots, ramping Smartphone penetration and ubiquitous connectivity, it can be easy to forget that limitless bandwidth is not always at the disposal of your website visitors. As the proportion of traffic on cellular connections continues to rise, website owners need to consider website speed ever more…
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Web Trends to Watch in 2016

With the New Year well and truly upon us, we’re looking forward to another year in the fast moving web development space. Here are some of the trends we’re looking out for. 1. Optimizing for every device type In this post-mobile world, thinking on web strategy has moved beyond device silos like “desktop” and “mobile”.…
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7 Statistics on Global Mobile Usage

Mobile penetration is growing faster than ever. It was predicted that the pace of adoption would slow – but developing nations saw the importance of connection to their growth long ago. Investments in infrastructure have skipped the landline phase, and mobile towers have proven cheaper, easier to install and cover vast areas of countryside that would…
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5 Tips to Convert Mobile Traffic to In-Store Visits

If you want to get good customer responses for your online store, then you should visit siteonmobi as we can offer great tips to increase business earnings. Your goal now is to convert mobile traffic into in-store visits to take advantage of your online presence. By mobiles customers can buy their desired products quickly, locally…
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SiteOnMobi Mobile Web Manager

SiteOnMobi helps create great web presences for any screen, without wasting valuable time. The goal is to help clients focus on website creation, not coding. SiteOnMobi comes with a powerful but easy to use CMS tool, the mobile web manager or configuration assistant, that enables clients to create great websites quickly and easily.   Why…
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