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Mobile marketing means messages need to be short, concise and relevant.

Connect with Customers and add Click-to-Call to your

This week there was a great post on mobiForge on the how adding a Click-to-Call link increases the mobile friendliness of your website. The piece highlights the apprehension that exists around making a website work on mobile devices but stresses that a simple addition like Click-to-Call is a great initial step. It goes into good…
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5 signs you might be wasting your mobile traffic potential

If you’ve been following marketing trends at all, chances are that you already have some kind of mobile strategy in place. But you may be wondering if your approach is appropriate. Here are 5 pitfalls preventing you from getting the most out of your mobile traffic. The website is slow to load and hard to…
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How marketers can seize the mobile moment

If you think responsive Web design meets your customer's needs, you better think again (and think fast). Mobile users are on the move and want answers quickly. Treating mobility like an extension of your Web presence won’t cut it. Marketers and advertisers shudder when they think about the great consumer rush to mobile. With a…
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Customers are checking you out with their mobile devices.

Three quarters of smart phone users make purchase decisions based on research they do with their mobile devices. The source of that research information is often times found on the businesses mobile website and 50% of mobile searches lead directly to a purchase. It's more important than ever to have a mobile website that provides…
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More and more customers will be mobile customers

About half of all U.S. adults use a smart phone and that number is growing larger every day. In the next few years, more people will use their mobile devices to get online than their PC or Mac. If your customers are searching and buying using a mobile device, your business needs to be mobile…
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