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A series of surveys showing that 85% of Americans use mobile devices to access the internet.

Average Mobile Speeds Around the World

Mobile and internet penetration around the world continues to improve but many countries still have a long way to go. The following are some interesting observations about mobile internet speeds, and what this means for internet users across the globe. There are three factors that influence broadband speed and quality in every country – population…
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Web Trends to Watch in 2016

With the New Year well and truly upon us, we’re looking forward to another year in the fast moving web development space. Here are some of the trends we’re looking out for. 1. Optimizing for every device type In this post-mobile world, thinking on web strategy has moved beyond device silos like “desktop” and “mobile”.…
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7 Facts about Global Mobile Usage

Mobile use has been increased from last 10 years throughout the world. There are several reasons for it. Mobiles help to connect a people with other and a nation with other nation. Good connection is necessary between all developing nations as it is important for their regular and proper growth. Mobiles can play a significant…
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10 Mobile Commerce Statistics

M-commerce or (Mobile Commerce) is now taking up larger slice of online retail space. Reason, 1 out of 4 people now use a Smartphone worldwide. This ratio is high in well developed countries. According to studies, "55% people use mobile phones to browse online retail stores or sites. That's why nowadays mobile device penetration is…
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The Rise of the Mobile

Looking at these trends more closely, it appears that participants changed their habits significantly in less a year. Meaning a significant rise of mobile browsing. 43% used their mobile devices to browse the Web each week during the latter period ending January 2013 compared with only 35% in the preceding 6 month period. Mobile is…
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The rise of mobile: the primary way to access the web in 2013

Thanks to the growth of smartphones and tablets, it’s relatively easy to be online all the time. Users can access what they want whenever and wherever, rather than being anchored to their laptop or PC. That means that businesses, small and large alike, need to grasp the mobile opportunity to retain and win customers. Late…
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