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Thanks to the growth of smartphones and tablets, it’s relatively easy to be online all the time. Users can access what they want whenever and wherever, rather than being anchored to their laptop or PC. That means that businesses, small and large alike, need to grasp the mobile opportunity to retain and win customers.

Late last year, Pew Association released a series of surveys showing that 55% of Americans use mobile devices to access the internet.

The Rise of the Mobile

Looking at these trends more closely, it appears that participants changed their habits significantly in less a year. 43% used their mobile devices to browse the Web each week during the latter period ending January 2013 compared with only 35% in the preceding 6 month period.


Mobile is fast becoming the first choice for Internet users around the world. Information provided by Comscore shows that 37% of browsing time is now spent on mobile devices.


What Does this Mean for Companies?

People are flocking to mobile to stay informed, entertained and make purchases online, and this is only going to grow in the future. Looking forward we will see more and more developments in mobile, from new features to new concepts as the world takes advantage of this platform and offers more customized services to users.
Those companies that provide mobile friendly services now stand to enjoy the loyalty of existing customers that have already adopted mobile, and are well positioned to provide a user-friendly mobile experience to those who are yet to arrive.