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The rise of mobile: the primary way to access the web in 2013

Thanks to the growth of smartphones and tablets, it’s relatively easy to be online all the time. Users can access what they want whenever and wherever, rather than being anchored to their laptop or PC. That means that businesses, small and large alike, need to grasp the mobile opportunity to retain and win customers. Late…
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Facebook Mobile Hits 543 Million Users #infographic

The Facebook Mobile App had about 488 milion users in May. Now just 4 months later the power of mobile helps Facebook to 543 milion active users. Like all online businesses, the marketing industry is being radically changed by the creeping ubiquity of mobile devices. This shift to the smaller screen will inevitably have profound…
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Rapid Growth of mCommerce

SiteonMobi - the mobile website publishing platform - has seen over 33% of all sites, activate a mobile payments feature. These sites are offering a mobile shopping cart which includes Paypal or Google Checkout.   Create your mobile website quickly and easily! Mobile-friendly features make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for…
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