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Feature layout enhancements – Options and Tools

Advanced Options To improve usability, we have separated the content of the Advanced Options of each feature into separate ‘Options’ and ‘Tools’ tabs within each feature. The tabbed approach enables users to easily transition between the main feature functionality and the additional options/tools easily. These tabs are located on the top right hand side of…
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Layout feature

You can customize the home page of your site regardless of which template has been applied. In the ‘Layout’ feature you can mix and match different head and body layouts and add/remove the menu navigation bar applied to the site. Settings applied to the site are highlighted in red. Discover the mobile website layout feature.…
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Additional Advanced Color Options of the Site Color feature

Additional color options have been added to the ‘Site Color’ feature to enable further customization of the site colors. You now also have the option to customize the color of the new Site Navigation Menu bar [if it is applied to the site]. In addition to that you can also customize the background of the…
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