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Web Trends to Watch in 2016

With the New Year well and truly upon us, we’re looking forward to another year in the fast moving web development space. Here are some of the trends we’re looking out for. 1. Optimizing for every device type In this post-mobile world, thinking on web strategy has moved beyond device silos like “desktop” and “mobile”.…
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Americans are Constantly Connected to their Phones

Americans are Compulsive checkers ? A majority (85%) of respondents check their smartphone at least a few times a day; 35% say they check it constantly. Nearly half (47%) couldn’t last more than one day without their phone. If their phone is unexpectedly taken away, nearly four in five (79%) respondents would be willing to give…
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How smart are smartphone users? #infographic #gomobi

How smart are smartphone users? Click to enlarge !   Create your mobile website quickly and easily! Mobile-friendly features make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for and convert leads into sales. It works on all phones, including smartphones and other connected devices like tablets. It even looks good on desktops! Testdrive…
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