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What is a QR code

The mobile web offers so much more than just searching for and finding information. One specific feature is the QR Code.

For instance for a new product you want to draw extra attention to a specific audience or consumer. If you use a  poster, billboard or flyer it's only possible to put so much information on it. But by scanning a QR code (QR2Mobile ) you will be pointed to a mobile website with much more information about the product. This will increase the reach of your advertisement.


(how does a QR code works and how do you automatically point it to a real mobile website?)


A QR Code you can't miss it!

QR code on fresh produce QR code on products QR code for events QR code on a promo team

on fresh produce  on products       on billboards        on a promo team


Build-in QR Code generator

It's possible to generate a QR Code for a mobile website that you put on a marketing flyer that you have printed out and on which your will find the QR code, the URL, a image and the mobile website.


Unfortunately marketeers make crucial mistakes with a QR code. An important precondition is that the QR code always has to point to a page that is optimized for mobile devices and tablets. A few examples how to use a QR code the right way :

  • - Business card with QR - in case you move all information stays up-to-date
  • - Beach club flyer's with QR - their location + map for directions
  • - Restaurant QR on a table-mat - newsletter, promotions and social media
  • - On a van of a Plummer - have your AC checked for $ 40 ? Scan me or call
  • - Bottle of wine - mobile site with a commercial video of the vineyard
  • - As advertisement on a car - scan the QR and you can hear the sound of the engine


These are a few of many examples how you can profit from using a QR code. Unfortunately many QR codes point to a desktop PC website instead of a real mobile website.