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Step 1 Create your mobile site

je mobiele website maken Create your mobile site


Your mobile website comes with a complete on-line content management system: the so called configuration assistant. You can login to the configuration assistant 24 hours a day to create pages, add and edit all options of your mobile website.


How do I login to the configuration assistant?

Building your mobile website with the configuration assistant is very easy.
It's the content management systeem (CMS) of the mobile website.
The startup email you received contains:

  1. Mobile domain name
  2. Password

Please proceed and go to:

Fill in your mobile domain name and your password.


(make sure to accept Session Cookies)


The configuration assistant

After successfully login in to the configuration assistant you have access to all options and functions. In the top part of your screen, on the right side of the menu next to the language flag you will find the help button. If you click on this button in your mobile website content management system, you will find the full manual of your mobile website. Every button, function and option is explained in your preferred language.




Have you created or chosen your own design and did you add all the functions you want to use?
It is now time to let your mobile website go live!

How you do this is explained in Step 2:


zet het m-record in je dnsStep 2 - Add the "m" record to your domain name is for the PC website and is
for the mobile website. Add this "m" record to your DNS.
Continue reading about step 2 >>>


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. I'm unable to login
  2. I get an error message
  3. Is it possible for me to see how my mobile site looks like?
  4. How bad is it if I skip a step?

handboek - Doorloop alle 3 de stappen van het handboek en maak in 5 minuten je mobiele website



Did you take a look at the manual? Every page has its own help button for more information. Also download our free SEO eBook.


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Did you read step 1, 2 and 3 and have you made all the settings?
Do you encounter any difficulties? Maybe you will find the answer in our FAQ's or knowledgebase. Or send us an email.



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