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Step 2 Add the “m” to your domain name

Add the "m" to your domain nameAdd the "m" to your domain name


How can you see the result ?

You have just created your mobile website in just a few minutes as described in step 1.
Now it is time to see how your mobile website looks like.
For your normal desktop PC website it is easy, just type in and you'll see your current website.
Now we have to add a simple setting so will show your new mobile website.
On this page we will explain how you can add the "m" record to your domain name.

The technical term is:

add "m" to the DNS of your website as a CNAME record and point this to



- = the desktop PC version of your website
- = the mobile version of your website

To make sure that is going to work we have to create a new CNAME record.
Every domain name provider has its own system how the DNS works but it will look like a bit like this:


m CNAME TTL 3600

LB in stands for Load Balancer of our mobile cloud platform.


All Providers

It is possible to modify the DNS of almost all domain providers. If not you can always ask their helpdesk employee to add the "m" record to your DNS record. That's all you have to do. Just point a CNAME record to . Depending on how quickly your provider updates the DNS, your mobile website will work and is active between 5 seconds and 48 hours.

To make things easy for you we have created extra pages to explain how to add a record in the DNS settings of several well-known hosting providers shown in the menu on the right side of this screen. We also have added a manual of the 3 most used web hosting Control Panels:


Can I see the end result of my mobile website before adding the record in the DNS?

Yes you can! Please proceed to the page and fill in the name of your mobile website.
By using this mobile website simulator it is possible to see how your mobile site looks like without adding the "m" record to your DNS.


Is it possible that Siteonmobi adds this record to the DNS for me?

Yes of course! Please contact our supportdesk by sending us your login information of your domain provider and we will add the "m" record for you.


Check the DNS settings yourself

How can you check yourself if you made the correct settings in your own DNS?
Please continue to read about it on the following page: Check your DNS.


And now continue with Step 3

In step 1 you created your mobile website. In this step 2 you activated your mobile website for everybody on the internet to see. Now it is time for step 3.


add the switching code Step 3 - Automatically switch between your PC and mobile site

With the switcher code you create a piece of HTML code to ensure that your visitors automatically get the PC version or the mobile version of your website, depending on the device they use.

Continue to read about step 3 >>>