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CNAME mobile website DNS example email

Sometimes it's not possible make any changes to the DNS yourself. Just send the following email to your domain name provider. Replace the word "" with your own domain name.


From: your-email-address
To: your-domain-provider

Subject: Add a CNAME record to the DNS

Dear provider,

could you please be so kind to add a CNAME record to the DNS of our domain name: ?

Please add: CNAME TTL 3600

Thank you.

Best regards,

Your name


Check the DNS settings yourself

How can you check yourself if you made the correct settings in your own DNS?
Please continue to read about it on the following page: Check your DNS.

And now continue with Step 3

In step 1 you created your mobile website. In this step 2 you activated your mobile website for everybody on the internet to see. Now it is time for step 3.

place the switchercode
Step 3 - Automatically switch between your PC and mobile site

With the switcher code you create a piece of HTML code to ensure that your visitors automatically get the PC version or the mobile version of your website, depending on the device they use.

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