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CNAME mobile website DNS instructions for Hostway

It is possible to add the "m" to your domain name if you're a customer with Hostway.

CNAME Hostway

To make this work please add a CNAME record to your domain name so visitors can be redirected to your mobile website. And please replace the word with your own domain name.


Add the "m" to your domain name

Add to your DNS the following CNAME record: CNAME is your mobile website is your PC website

LB in stands for Load Balancer of our mobile cloud platform.


DNS instructions for Hostway


Creating third-level domains

Domain names are composed of at least two levels, a top-level domain and a second-level domain. The top-level domain, also referred to as TLD, is the suffix or extension attached to Internet domain names. There are a limited number of predefined TLDs, such as .com, .net and .org.

A second-level domain (SLD) is the portion of a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that identifies the specific and unique administrative owner associated with an Internet Protocol address (IP address). The second-level domain name includes the top-level domain name. For example, “” is a second-level domain, as it includes the domain name “hostway” and the top-level domain “com.”

If you need to further distinguish your second-level domain name, you can use a third-level domain name, such as “” Typically a third-level domain name is used to refer to different servers within different departments of a company.

Third-level domains can be set up as:

Domain alias to a target domain
Separate web hosting account

You can create a third-level domain using one of two different methods:

  • By editing the A-record. Use this method if you want to point the domain name to a specified IP address
  • By editing the CNAME record. Use this method if you want to point the domain name to another domain name

To create a third-level domain:

  1. In SiteControl, click Domain Name to display the Domain Name Management page
  2. Click Edit DNS/MX Record. Information about your current domain displays
  3. Carefully review the information on this page, including the schedule of costs, and then scroll to the bottom of the page. Select Custom and then click Continue
  4. When the DNS Record Action page appears, locate the Customization of DNS Records section
  5. Type the third-level domain name you want to create. You can create up to four
  6. For each, select either CNAME (to point to a domain name) or A (to point to an IP address)
  7. For each, enter the domain name or IP address
  8. When you are finished, click Submit DNS Change Request
  9. Review the summary of changes, including any additional charges you may incur, and then click Submit

Hostway processes your request immediately. You should allow 48 to 72 hours for the propagation period.

If you're unable to add the CNAME please send this email to the Hostway support desk.


Check if the DNS for your mobile site is correct


How can you check yourself if you made the correct settings in your own DNS?
Please continue to read about it on the following page: Check your DNS.


And now continue with Step 3


In step 1 you created your mobile website. In this step 2 you activated your mobile website for everybody on the internet to see. Now it is time for step 3.


add the switcher code Step 3 - Automatically switch between your PC and mobile site

With the switcher code you create a piece of HTML code to ensure that your visitors automatically get the PC version or the mobile version of your website, depending on the device they use.

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