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Check if the DNS for your mobile website is correct

Your mobile domain name will look like - so m. followed by your own domain name.

We check if we see:

CNAME TTL 24 uur

Please fill in your m (mobile) domain name and click on: check CNAME


Fill in your mobile domain name





Extra information:

TTL means TimeToLive. It can say 24 hrs (uur) but it can also be a value like 3600
seconds or 60 minutes,
14400 seconds or 1, 4 or for example 48 hours


ATTENTION: some domain name providers update their DNS immediately after a change. But there are also providers that only update once every hour, or once every day. It means you might have to be a bit patient depending on how quickly your provider is.

Do you encounter any difficulty adding a record to your DNS, please contact your domain provider.