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Step 3 Switch automatically between PC & mobile

Redirect Code Generator Redirect Code Generator - Automatically switch between PC & mobile
How can you attract more visitors?

Potential customers are searching on their mobile device and they will find you using  Google, Yahoo Local, Bing, Facebook or some other way. By clicking on the search result they will automatically get the most optimized version of the site.

  • - if they are behind a PC or
  • - if they click while using a mobile device.


First you need to to tell your PC website if someone uses a mobile device. You want someone behind a PC to see your www website and if they use a mobile device you want them to get your m. website. You decide what version visitors that use a tablet get, the PC site or the mobile version.  Also there you can decide if you show them the phone version (small) or the optimized layout for tablets (large).

How does the swither code works?


All traffic leads to your Desktop website and from there the switcher code will direct visitors with a mobile device to your mobile website. Someone with a PC will automatically get the Desktop version..

This setting is easy to create by using the switcher code. It is also called the redirection code or Device Atlas.


Switcher Code Generator

The configuration assistant has a built-in switcher code generator. By adding this code your redirect traffic from your full Desktop website to your mobile website.  The switcher code generator is located under the tab “TOOLS” in the configuration assistant.

Most people use the Javascript version.


Select the (programming) language of your choice, select if you want tablets to be redirected or not, and proceed by clicking on the button generate. Download the generated file and copy and paste this piece of code into the HTML source code of your Desktop website.

Most well-known CMS systems like WordPress have a ready to use .zip file. Simply upload the WordPress plugin as a new plugin into your WP-admin settings.

Example Javascript Switcher Code

Most people still use the JavaScript code. This code with the checkmark activated for "Tablet-pc's redirect" (so tablets will redirect to the mobile website) will look like this:

<link rel="alternate" media="only screen and (max-width: 640px)" href=""/>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

The same code but in this case the checkmark deactivated for "Tablet-pc's redirect"  (so tablets get the PC desktop website) will look like this:

<link rel="alternate" media="only screen and (max-width: 640px)" href=""/>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
SSL / HTTPS Switcher Code

We see more and more websites that use https or the so called green address bar certificate (EV). To ensure that everything stays https you will have to adjust the switcher code just a little. Add the "s" behind http so change the Device Atlas to https:



It is also possible to replace by and use the following location:

In WordPress it is possible to solve the https issue by manually changing the plugin to https. This can be dome via the WP editor or any other text-editor program.

Switcher Code Generator Options

The switcher code generator only has 2 "checkmarks" that you can activate or deactivate.
With these options you have more influence on what the switcher code can do.


  1.  Tablet-pc's redirection
    - is for the PC website
    - is for the mobile websiteWhere do you want to redirect visitors with a tablet to?
    If you activate the checkmark, visitors with a tablet will go to the mobile website. Then you can offer them an optimized layout for tablets. If you deactivate the checkmark, vistors that use a tablet get the Desktop PC version of your website.
    Deactivate Checkmark - Tablet users will get the Desktop PC website
    Activate Checkmark - Tablet users will get the mobile site
    NOTE: if you activate the checkmark you can present the tablet user an optimized version of the mobile website.
    Go to the menu in the configuration assistant and select item Design
    - Sub item Lay-out for tablet / large screen
    -- Tablet view on/off
  2. tablet_layout
  3. Always switch to the starting page of the mobile site
    The switcher code will always try to find the matching page on the mobile website of the Desktop PC page. If this page doesn't exist it will automatically create a mobile version of the page. You can also decide to redirect all visitors to the first page of your mobile website. This is a choice everybody can make themselves. You set this option by using the second checkmark.


What exactly does the switcher code?

The switcher code or the server-side switching code, is a piece of HTML code that you add to your existing Desktop PC website. If detects whether the visitor looks at your website with a Desktop PC or a mobile device. Also, the search engines  like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook notice that you have a separate mobile website and they will add the mobile site (SEO) in their mobile index.

- is for the PC website
- is for the mobile website

switching code

We advise you to add the switcher code on all of the pages of your existing Desktop PC website so that visitors that find sub-pages of your site through the search engines will be redirected to the mobile page.


This redirection code uses the switching service of DeviceAtlas to determine which device and which browser someone uses.  This is a huge database in which more than 12.000 different devices are stored of all well-known brands.

Without a doubt there are several other solutions but by using this built-in switcher code generator your provider, site builder or webmaster will be able to get the job done quickly.

These were all the 3 steps out of the manual

Do you want to attract more visitors to your mobile website? Make use of the built-in SEO function. Add an QR Code on your business card. Or create a separate Google Adwords campagne just for mobile use. Twitter about your new mobile website and post a  screenshot on your Facebook page. Stay active, regularly update the site and read our tips that we post on our blog and learn more about new functions that you can use. If you want to learn more about the several options and functions in the configuration assistant, read more about it in the manual.  Every page has built-in help-items that explain it all.

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