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Your customer is mobile and wants to contact your company now


Times change. Everybody is mobile, on the go or works from its laptop. Why go to a store when you can buy online?
Searching for things or information still starts with a search engine like Google.


If your customer starts his search how can he contact you?


By having a mobile website your position in the search results will improve . It's a site especially designed to make it easier for your customer. Not just a stripped version of your desktop PC website but a real mobile website with all the mobile applications that you can navigate through with one finger click.
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Convert a lead into a customer by offering them mobile friendly functions like "Find Us", "Contact me", "Click to Call" en "Seat Reservations".

By using our Configuration Assistant, an easy to use mobile website content management system, or mobile CMS by SiteOnMobi you can create your mobile website in just 5 minutes. Room or table reservations for a hotel or restaurant, Opening hours and many more mobile-friendly features. And all of this for just $ 5,95 per month!


Mail or call us

You would almost forget but you can call with your smart-phone! Over half of the visitors call your company with just 1 click.

Configuration Assistant Call Us Feature

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Specific mobile features

Find Us, Call me Back, Twitter, Webshop, iFrames, Blog, Facebook and Coupons. Just some of many features.

Many mobile features in the Configuration Assistant

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Restaurants and Hotels

Let your customers make a reservation for a table or book a hotel room online with their mobile device.

Book a table or hotel room online with your mobile device

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Marketing en SEO
Let your site traffic grow with all the well-known SEO options. We included the use of metatags on all pages, site analytics, Google webmaster tools and a sitemap. Continue to read...


Import your current PC website
Just import information that is found on your PC website right on to your new mobile website. It is easy and quick! More examples ... click here for a free test account

configuration assistant design templates

Create or design your mobile website
Select one of the professionally designed templates and create your own design. Continue to read ...