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SiteOnMobi gives you many SEO options to promote your mobile website


We upgraded our Search Engine Optimization features in the configuration assistant that are supported and recommended by Google.  We offer the possibility to link your mobile site to your PC Sitemap to improve your SEO ranking and we also added Google Webmaster Tools to help customers find your mobile site.


Mobile website SEO and search engine marketing


You now have your mobile website and you want customers to be able to find you. We made it easy by giving you the opportunity to automatically upload your sitemap in Google. It is also possible to add metatags to every page, a title, keywords and a description tag.
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Google, Yahoo & Bing

Google warns a  customer if a website isn't optimized for mobile use. So if your site isn't mobile proof, you will loose important clicks.  SiteOnMobi mobile websites are optimized and meet all Google's requirements. According to Google's new HowToGoMo initiative SiteOnMobi  is 100% approved. We score a 4 out of 4 on the GoMoMeter (this is Google's mobile website friendly-scale). Benefit from our expertise to optimize your mobile website to rank better in the search engines.


Knowing your numbers

Built-in mobile website analytics that also measures your QR-code usage. Measure results and actively adjust your campaign.


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QR-code generator

Create your own QR-codes that your can use on print outs, flyer's, on your business card or on your company car.

Add a QR code on your business card or flyers

Free QR-code Generator
Make money with Adsense

Add Google Adsense advertisements to your website, so that you can start earning money with every click.


Mobile Monetization

All of this for just $ 5,95 per month


Import your current website
Just import information that is found on your PC website right on to your new mobile website. It is easy and quick! More examples ...


Create or design your mobile site
Select one of the professionally designed templates and create your own design. Continue to read ... Click here for a 30 day free test account


Specific Mobile Features
Find Us, Call me Back, Twitter, Webshop, iFrames, Blog, Facebook and Coupons. Just some of many features. Continue to read ...