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What is a Subscription

Order your mobile website today
for just $ 5.95 a month! (local tax excluded)

Connect your existing pc-website and your domain-name with your new mobile site.
You have your PC website

You'll get the mobile site

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How do I cancel a site?

You can cancel your subscription up to 6 weeks weeks before the renewal date in your client area.

  1. Login at your client-area
  2. Select menu item "Services - My Services"
  3. Select the mobile site you want to cancel via the button "View Details"
  4. Sub-menu "Management Actions - Request Cancellation"


Auto-renewal a mobile website

All mobile website subscriptions and other services are on auto-renewal unless you request a cancellation of a service in your on-line client-area.
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What do I get for $ 5.95 a month? (local tax excluded)

* You use your own domain name
* Free DNS record
* Free switcher code for mobile traffic
* Free mobile CMS and updates
* Safely order on-line



Order for 2 or 3 years and get more discount!


So what is the price exactly?

* No hidden and no startup fees
* Invoice is for one year
* $ 5.95 a month = $ 71.40 a year

Additional local taxes may apply. Make sure you fill-out
your country and state and recalculate your order.